In my early years of my career as a Financial Advisor, I had a sense that my work was meant to be more than just a source of income.  Helping people to wisely navigate their financial lives is a rewarding career on its own, but I was feeling a pull towards something even bigger.  While this feeling was clear to me, it wasn’t clear what this bigger purpose might be.  

As a person who is committed to Christian faith, I began noticing that the Bible frequently referenced money in spiritual teachings.  These teachings were from many different biblical figures across thousands of years.  I began to wonder if anyone had aggregated these teachings in modern day writing.  I would read a book like this if I could find it.

Surprisingly, I struggled to find what I was looking for.  I found books that were written by Christian authors about money, but most of them were giving instruction on how to have financial abundance.  The message I saw in the Bible is that we should pay attention to our interaction with money as a way to gauge what state our soul is in.  After a disappointing search for this writing, I felt compelled to create what I was looking for.  I began writing, and two years later, The Soul Purpose of Money was published.

This blog is a my way of encouraging and interacting with others who would like to intentionally align their faith with their finances and work.  I’m not claiming that I’ve reached perfection here… this alignment is something that we must continually work towards over time.  It will be challenged daily by a world that values accumulation as a way to measure significance.  This conversation is the greater calling that my work and expertise has led me to.  

When I’m not being a Financial Advisor or a Writer, I enjoy being with my loving wife and my crazy (but wonderful) children.