Every year I experience a tension in my soul during the Christmas season. Our kids are always excited to get presents, and they love the family get togethers. We’re a few weeks away from Christmas as I write this, and my son was telling me yesterday about how he was looking forward to eating lots of ham at our gathering. It’s wonderful to see your children happy and beaming with anticipation for the coming holiday.

But on the other hand, I always feel some frustration about how Christmas has become something very far from how it began. We take our kids to church, and we remind them that Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus. They know this, but at their age, presents win their attention.

When you read about the birth of Jesus in the Bible, the original gifts that were given were for Him, not us. I found myself wondering, “What would it look like if we tried giving gifts in a way that honored Jesus rather than ourselves?” After spending some time reflecting on this, I remembered something that Jesus said in the book of John. In the parable of the good shepherd, he said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10, ESV). 

Many people think that faith is restrictive; a list of things you shouldn’t do. Actually, the opposite is true. The abundant life that Jesus talks about isn’t a description of someone who is deprived, but someone who is thriving in their soul. After this time spent in reflection, I asked myself, “Am I fully alive? Is my soul full of spiritual abundance?”  

We will continue to have a Christmas tree, and we will keep giving gifts to those close to us. This year I will also focus on having a soul that fully nourished by my faith. That would be the best gift I could bring to Jesus for his birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!

To your well-being,


Photo Credit, No Changes.